Invoice Projects and Expenses at the same time


Is there a way to add a project and an expense on the same invoice? Here’s an example to illustrate my issue:

I designed a sign for a client (which would count as project) but wasn’t able to print it at home so I had it done at a printery. That would have been an expense. However while I can use Invoice Ninja to create invoices from the project or the expense separately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to automatically add in either, especially when it’s connected to the client…so if I create the invoice from the project, I can’t include the expense that’s already entered under expenses. I would have to manually have to type it in. I guess there are times when invoicing the expenses alone would be cool but in this case I don’t really want to do two separate invoices for the same client.

What is the solution?

Hi, if you set the client for the expense and they have an open invoice you should see the option to add it to the invoice when clicking ‘More actions’ on the edit expense page

Thank you so much. That solves my issue.

Awesome, glad to hear it!