Invoice Preview not showing anything

Hey guys,

The PDF preview is not displaying anything when I’m creating invoices.

In the browser console, it throws:

Failed to generate PDF: pdfMake is not defined

I can confirm that this used to work previously and I have actually setup my own template that was displaying perfectly previously.

This only happend on the preview area. The invoice does get generated and attached as PDF too.

I also checked in settings -> Account Management and “Live Preview” is enabled.

Appreciate some help please.

Are you using a custom design/does changing to the clean design help?

Hi there, turns out it was a caching problem. I cleared it and it loaded perfectly.

Glad to hear it’s working, thanks for the update!


I encountered this issue (no invoice preview) in Firefox 69 (Linux Mint 19, new account on It works as expected in FF 85 (Nightly).


Hey @vincent,

Firefox 69 was released over a year ago. For a browser that’s quite some time, so it’s hard to tell what could be wrong. Could you please update to the latest Firefox & see if it works?

Hi @ben,

Sure, as I said, it works on Firefox 85 :slight_smile:

BTW, if that helps, here are the warnings I see in the console:

unreachable code after return statement2 edit:4297:8
Empty string passed to getElementById(). 100 autofill.js:252:20


Thanks for reporting this back to us. Like I said, one year for a browser is HUGE.

Glad it worked on latest version.

Cheers :tada: