Invoice PDFs are not searchable

Good morning,

for me the invoice PDFs are not searchable. They are text, when i open them i can mark text in Acrobat.

But when i search in MacOS for a word which is in the PDF i normally find the PDF. Also in Apple Mail.
But i can not find PDFs which are generated with Invoice Ninja, unfortunately.

Do you have an idea?

Thx, Best,


@david any ideas?

We don’t manually create the PDF’s, we use Chrome to perform the conversion from HTML to PDF.

Hello @david ,

thx, is it called “Foxit PhantomPDF” you are creating the PDFs with?

So i can do research why this is happening.

Thx, BR Andreas


@david : but you can reproduce the problem on your system? Or is it just a Mac problem or something like that.

I just downloaded a pdf invoice on my phone and could search through it with the Adobe pdf reader App, so it’s not a general issue.

I also can search it in Adobe Professional and Reader on Mac.

But the Mac Finder can not find the PDFs. For the mac finder the PDFs are not searchable as it seems…
Also not in Mac Mail App (which uses the same search, i assume)

this could vary well be an “APPLE WAY” issue.

Could be an issue with Spotlight index on that particular Mac. I just tested it in Mac OS 12.6.8 - Preview found my search word when opening an invoice PDF using the Preview app, and when searching in the Finder it also found the file containing the word I searched for. Maybe try rebuilding your Spotlight index on that computer and try again. Also, check System Preferences in Spotlight - Privacy to make sure you don’t have the containing folder excluded from indexing.

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Thank you for the hint. When searching in Preview i can search and find the search word.

But not in Finder. I rebuilt spotlight index yesterday, but does not work. I these folders not in privacy, so they are not excluded. :-(…

I am also on 12.6.8…