Invoice PDF filenames

If I download the invoice directly from GUI the prefix will be named:

Invoice_ XXXX.pdf (prefix non-translated)

If I check multiple invoices and unzip the file inside there are translated prefixes.

Račun_XXXX.pdf (prefix translated)

Secondly, It would be great if filenames could have the suffix. In my case
Invoice_{$year}-{$counter}-{$counter}-{Client name}-{$invoice_custom_filed_1}

Invoice_2024-0908-Google LLC-Translation Services.pdf

Thank you


Which version do you see in the about dialog?

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Hi Hillel.


I don’t know if it’s a change, or might already be implemented along the way and I don’t know about it.


I created a feature request.


I’m not able to reproduce this. Do you see a difference if you use the download action in the invoice datatable versus first selecting View PDF and then clicking download?

View PDF and GUI Download are the same. Non-translated.

Of course, It’s up to the client’s language.

Gui and View PDF downloads will ignore the client language, while Batch download (zip package) will honor the client language. That’s the difference.

Sometimes I download single invoices and sometimes multiple and downloaded filenames are different. Maybe also GUI download should honor it.

Thank you


@david any thoughts on this? In the latest version of the AP we always use the company language to name the downloaded file.


Its not clear to me where the issue is here, the backend should always return the filename localized?

@david is the backend localizing based on the company’s language or the client’s language?


The backend will always have the client locale in this regard, as all of the translations would be localized to the client.

@david ok thanks, I’ll update the AP.

Hi. I’m not following you now.

So it’s OK that invoice download and PDF view download have different filenames than batch download?


…along the way I found if I only batch-select a single invoice, GUI says it will send an email, but it doesn’t. For 2 or more invoices it works OK.

Now the filename situation is like this:

GUI and PDF Download:
Invoice_Racun_Number Pattern
English_Client Language_Number Pattern

Don’t know why both?

Multiple ZIP download:
Racun_Number Pattern
client language_Number Pattern

So in the case of multi-language clients, we have a filename starting with different words and that is not good in terms of Filename order.

Can we change the filename to start with Number pattern?

Example for multi-language clients(Italian,German, Slovenian, English…):


In addition to that, it would be great to add the client and service name (custom field) suffix, like:

2024-5765_Fattura-BMW-Audio Services.pdf
2024-5764_Rechnung-MERCEDES-Translation service.pdf

Thank you

If you’d like a change in the app please create an issue on GitHub.

oh yes, I keep forgeting that :slight_smile:

But double perfix (English and client’s language) is not the intended behavior, I suppose. It started to happen recently.


Can you please post a screenshot of where you’re downloading the PDF from?


Filename: Invoice_Račun_2024-5743.pdf
(English_Client Language_Number Pattern)


Filename: Invoice_Račun_2024-5743.pdf
(English_Client Language_Number Pattern)

Multiple ZIP:

Filename: Racun_2024-5743.pdf
(Client Language_Number Pattern)

Thank you! Can you please update the post to include a sample of the file name you see when using each option.

Done. Please check my previous post