Invoice PDF display and customisation issues

Fresh install of v5 here, having problems with invoice PDF viewing and customisation in settings.

When trying to customise a PDF in settings I get a 500 error.
When trying to view the PDF of a created invoice, I get the login screen displaying on the PDF.

During setup the genterate PDF test was successful.

What’s happening here?

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 09.58.45 !

In addition, I get this error when running the “Health Check”


Are node and npm installed?

You may want to try using PhantomJS Cloud instead.

Mmm, thanks.

I’m not a pro at this. Perhaps I should wait until I can install v5 via Softaculous.

Hi Mr Hillel, seeing the link you provided, i wonder what should i filled on the “your secret here” section



You can set any random value

Hi @hillel,

I’m having the same problem as @NoobKS92. I recently upgraded to 5.2.16 (via Softaculous), and on an installation that was working well before the upgrade, I now see the following when I try to view a pdf in Invoices:

I have looked in the file system under ./ninja/public/storage/… and the PDF itself contains the same content:

I am using phantomJS with a free account and api key which was working fine before the upgrade.

.env variables are:


Would appreciate your help - I’ve spent half a day on this so far and it is exploding my brain!

Thanks a million!

Please create a new post and we’ll be happy to help.

Sure thing. Thanks for your kind assistance as always.