Invoice PDF contains SalesNinja login screen - but no invoice

I recently upgraded to 5.2.16 (via Softaculous) on an installation that was working well before the upgrade. I now see the following when I try to view a pdf in Invoices:

I have looked in the file system under ./ninja/public/storage/… and the PDF itself does indeed contain the same content:

I am using phantomJS with a free account and api key which was working fine before the upgrade.

.env variables are:


Would appreciate your help - I’ve spent half a day on this so far and have been unable to invoice clients this month :confused:

Thanks a million!

@david any thoughts?

It’s been a while, but thought I’d update you with my resolution. In the absence of a response from you guys (I know you’re busier than busy things), and in the face of other recurring issues in the setup of my old (shared) hosting provider, I decided to try an experiment.

I exported my Invoice Ninja database; set up a Google Cloud account; did a clean install of Invoice Ninja 5.2.16; imported my database; played around with Snappdf for a while and managed to get it working in place of PhantomJS webservice; regenrated all my historical invoices using Snappdf.

Happy to report that this strange issue never recurred, and that many other things seem to be working better since I got out from under my old service provider. I have happily been upgrading through the UI ever since then, and my cron jobs now work properly as well!

Still no idea how this PDF error occurred in the first place, but that is now of secondary importance :slight_smile:

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I had this happen with the phantomjs local install during testing, but I’m not sure the cause (or resolution). Note: clean self-hosted installation on Ubuntu. This was the first invoice we generated and test paid.

Is there a way to force a regeneration or any idea how it came about in the first place?

Opening the invoice for edit shows a good rendering, but I can’t see how to resave it.