Invoice Payment Stub

guys is there an option to enable a payment stub on the bottom of the invoices generated?



There isn’t a feature in the app for this but it should be possible using a custom design.

You always reply so quick lol, im looking forward to evolving with invoice ninja for sure, such a good platform… ill have a look at a custom design then

Have you or any one else done this?

displaying a QR Code was easy enough to add to the invoice but is there a CSS element i can change to change its size, i need it to be just a little smaller…


Kind Regards


@david can you please advise?

Hi there im getting on pretty well with my design thanks to the fact i know HTML but i am getting stuck with something…

i basically need to make the footer a page of its every time as whats happening is the footer is going over 2 pages and half on one page and half on another… ive essentially created a payment advice slip but i really want ot to be an attached page at the end of the invoice separate… is this possible



So the page break before the footer is quite straight forward, this “style” block will do what you want

<div class="repeating-footerx" id="footer" style="page-break-before:always;">

This is in the footer tab of the designer.

I’ll need to add a css class to enable control over the size of the QR Code, i’ll get this ready for the next release