Invoice payment reminders are sent every hour

Hi there,

I have problem with invoice reminders. After last update it starts sending reminders about not paid invoices every hour. I set reminders to:

  • first: 7 days
  • second: 30 days
  • third: 60 days

I can’t confirm if there were different or the same reminders, but I suppose they were first reminders because due date was not meeting second reminder condition in any invoice. Weird is fact, that only some older not paid invoices (from April/May) got this bug. Newer (>= 14 May) invoices are fine.



Thanks for reporting this!

cc @david

Same here.
Had to revert back to 5.1.74

Reminder 1: 7 days before the due date
Reminder 2: 2 days before the due date
Reminder 3: 1 days after the due date

Draft invoices were sent automatically every hour event though I wanted them to stay as draft.
The draft invoices had no due date if that helps.


I am tagging v5.2.2 now with some fixes for this, please test and advise.

Hello again, I just wanted to comment a strange and curious thing. My old installation lives with 4 waiting for if I take the definitive step to 5 version. I got it at Docker on a Synology NAS. Impossible for reminders to work, for example, bill to go unpaid.

The fact is that suddenly version 5.2.1 works perfectly. Ony this one. I have been updating to the later ones and in those no longer work. I return to 5.2.1 and the reminders that I have programmed work fine✌️.

I’ll leave it here in case you get something clear of why it happens, and if something can be done to make it work like 5.2.1 in future versions.


P.d. Sorry For my english.

@sasax, are you using the send @ time feature?

In some versions, if the sending time is prior to UTC +0 then the next_send_date will never move forward. I have a fix for this in the latest branch and am tagging a new release now.


@david I hope it’s solved. Thank you all for your work.