Invoice partial/deposit in %

Hi, It is not clear from the documentation how exactly the deposit works. The date field is missing.

Partial/Deposit - Optionally, specify a required partial payment or deposit on the invoice, with its own due date, separate from, and owed before the invoice due date for the invoice’s full amount.

So how one goes about setting up a deposit in % to the total and date due?


The app requires the partial/deposit to be a fixed amount, you’d need to calculate it from the percentage when setting it up.

Feel free to create an issue to request support set the partial/deposit by percentage:

Why would anybody work backwards :slight_smile: I’ll go make an request over at github. THanks

What about date field?

Somebody beat me to it already :slight_smile: And it even has your comment there. who would have thought :slight_smile:

If you set a value for the partial/deposit field you’ll be able to set a second date.

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I guess there is no hope for a simple equation to be added since the request been open for 3 years.

Any word on issue referenced in the github? Is it at least in some future plans?

Sorry, we can’t provide ETAs for new features.

If the issue is open it means we’d like to add the feature in the future.