Invoice on mobile device missing information

When a user sees an invoice on a mobile device the discount field is not shown. This creates issues since the total of line items do not match the amount due.

I got this dismissive reply from invoice ninja staff when I raised the issue on early December 2023. “We compress the visible data in the mobile views due to size constraints. The PDF is still available for download however.”

For me it does not make any sense do hide important financial information which has a direct impact on the total due just because someone is checking the invoice on a mobile device.


@david any thoughts on adding the discount field in the mobile display?

Hi @hillel Have you heard from @david ?

In the latest release we’ve added an option on Settings > Invoice Design to show the original PDF on mobile instead of the HTML version.

I believe the issue here is line item discounts are not shown.

If total discounts are used these are displayed:

I believe in the next release we provide the option to use either the PDF view for all users - or - the mobile view with the condensed display.

I use total discounts, defining a discount when creating the invoice and the discount section is missing.
I apply discount as amount not percentage (not sure if it makes a difference)


I see the issue, we have add this in, but it is not in production yet. In the next release the total discount will display

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Perfect, good news then :slight_smile: