Invoice number.

When creating an automatic renewal invoice numbering goes wrong.
My invoice numbers are classified as follows 20070001 (2007 is the year that I started).

I make an annual bill that has number 20070164 when sending this invoice get R20070165 as invoice number. which means that there are gaps in the billing. R20070165 because the real bill.

PS. The same issue when creating a quote.

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We automatically add an ‘R’ to the beginning of system generated recurring invoices to easily tell them apart.

In the future we’ll look into making this configurable. For now you can disable it by removing the ‘R’ from the call to getNextInvoiceNumber() in app/Console/SendRecurringInvoices.php.

The R is not the problem but 200700164 is missing from the list.

When creating a recurring invoice the “job” gets the actual number.

I see. Although the recurring invoice doesn’t show an invoice number it uses one internally, it’s using the missing number.

So i have 2 same invoices with different numbers (200700164 and R200700165) and this is wrong.
When i turnover my invoices to my accountant i can’t have any numbers missing or twice the same invoice.

I think the “recurring jobs” should be a separate table from where the recurring invoice are generated with the first available number.

Since 200700164 is used by the recurring invoice it’s completely hidden, our system never allows two invoices to have the same invoice number.

There is a missing number though, we’ll look into correcting this for future invoices in our next release.

One additional thought, if you haven’t created more invoices you should be able to rename R200700165 to R200700164 and then subtract one from the invoice counter.

I realize this is a pain but thought I’d suggest it in case it helps.