Invoice number reuse

Made a mistake creating an invoice and need to change client on the invoice or create new invoice with that number to keep numbers sequential(very important).

Will not be billing this client in foreseeable future. Any other solutions?


I suggest changing the number on the invoice to a value you won’t use (ie, 0001-DELETED) and then clone the invoice to set a new client.

thanks for the reply, just to clarify
change invoice 21-003 to number 0001-DELETED, clone that invoice to different client and number 21-003?

If I do Clone to invoice, will change be made or do I have to commit with save draft? Currently do not have next client for invoice to be changed to. And do not want to make bigger mess.

I suggest first updating the existing invoice with the new number, this will make ‘21-003’ available for use in your next invoice.

If needed you can update the counter on Settings > Invoice Settings

Hello, I happen to have the same question but for the selfhosted v5.

I need to change the client on an invoice with that number. Do I need to go in the database to make changes? What do you suggest ?

You’d want to delete the invoice and the clone it to create a new one.

ok but will the invoice number be the same? And by cloning will I be able to change the client name?

Marking an invoice as deleted in v5 frees up the invoice number to be reused.

If you clone the invoice you can set a new client.