invoice number pattern date followed by alphabet


I am working on setting up my self hosted version to match our existing company invoice numbering format.

So far I got the date part working okay but can figure out what can be added to the date to make a custom suffix. I’ve tried a bunch of php codes since the date is written this way but can’t find anything that works. It keeps coming up with an error when saving the settings.

The format should be like so: {$date:ymd}-{$letter} which would generate the invoices like so: 200603-A, 200603-B, 200603-C and so on for invoices created on June 3, 2020.

Is there a snippet which will give me a sequential letter as a suffix?

Sorry, that isn’t supported

Thanks for the reply.

Guess I’m stuck using {$date:ymd}-{$counter} then to somewhat match my existing numbering. This isn’t a huge deal, just would have been nice to be able to continue the exact same format.