Invoice number on Invoice is incorrect

I have just performed a brand new install on Ubuntu 22.04 via docker compose.
When creating an invoice (first one created), I enter the invoice number - 30.
In the preview settings (and in the downloaded pdf), the invoice number shows as
Live Preview #xxx
where xxx is a different number each time you update the invoice.
As a test, I created a free online account and created an invoice and it also showed the same Live Preview #xxx.


It sounds like you’re downloading the PDF preview. Once you save the invoice there is an option to view/download the invoice PDF.

Correct, but after it is saved and I click on the View PDF, Print PDF it gets an error as per my other post.
Even in the preview, it should still show the correct Invoice Number.

Once I changed the PDF Generator to use hosted_ninja, the invoice in the PDF now shows the correct number.