Invoice Number Generation

I’m trying to do Invoice Number Generation using the following categories:

Client ID: CWC
User Initials: SK
Date(monthyear): 1021
Client counter: 01

I’m hoping to get it to look like this:

Currently I can get everything to work except it only gives me an option to put a user ID only which I don’t know where to find??. I made a custom user field labeled initial and tried to put it in as {$User_Custom1} but it just comes out in the invoice number as that. Is it possible to add other variables other than what shows up in the clickable options? Thanks!

I’m not sure this is supported, @david any thoughts?

$user is not supported, but the work around would be to create a custom value on the client with the initials and then use


to reference the custom field

Ok. Thanks. Is there a reason why we can’t add “user custom” to invoice number generation? The user ID doesn’t mean much. How do you see who’s name belongs to the user ID?


Certainly possible to do, i’ll add this to our backlog.

Is it possible to assign the user ID that it mentions in the invoice generation? I don’t see that option anywhere in the program. I also don’t see where the user ID is mentioned in the v5 app?

yes, we can show the user id, but it has no context as we don’t expose the user id in the UI anywhere as we obfuscate the IDs with a hash.

Ok. I see. I will eventually have 3 or more technicians making invoices through invoice ninja. I want to be able to use the auto invoice number generation and be able to see at a glance on the invoice summary page who made the invoice. That’s why I like the idea of adding their Initials or even a employee number I assign

I did try the user ID in the option but I noticed yesterday I think it actually uses the same number no matter who made the invoice. So maybe having access to that wouldn’t matter anyway?

I saw that you can assign a user to the invoice but that only helps if I click on it and they would have to remember to assign themselves to it if they have the option. I’m dealing with guys that don’t like paperwork in the first place so the more I can automate the better.


This will be supported by using custom user variables, ie. {$user_custom1}

@hillel we’ll need to expose the custom fields in the UI so these values can be inserted by users into the AP.

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Not sure if you guys have already made the change? I tried to manually add {$user_custom1} to the number generation but when I made the invoice it didn’t put the initials into the invoice number but it doesn’t add any text now now. Before it would put {$user_custom1} as text into the invoice number.

I do have a custom field in the 1st user slot that I’ve labeled “Initials”. Anything else that I need to do?

@david @hillel I see that the UI was added to the invoice generation. Thank you. I ran a test with the {$user_custom1} but it doesn’t put the value (in this case initials) into the invoice number. That part is blank. Maybe the generator isn’t associating any user to the invoice? Would there be a way to do that association manually at invoice creation and also by default for whatever user is making the invoice?