Invoice Ninja Windows client 404 Not Found

I have a hosted environment and during my testing I was using the Windows client from my main PC. Now I put the Invoice Ninja site in production but every time I open the Windows client I get 404 Not Found.

Thinking that it was a client problem I put it in a clean virtual machine and connected successfully to the production instance then copy the files over on my main PC, but not luck, the same error.

I searched trough the registry but again, no luck, so I’m thinking it is something tight to a browser or something. I cleaned all the cache for all my browsers, but the error never goes away. Somewhere the client finds some old instance of the site which does not exist anymore.

Any advice will be welcome,


Do you mean for tasks?

It’s an Electron so underneath is Chrome, it may help to clear the application cache.

Thank you very much, that did the trick.
I have deleted the invoice-ninja-nativefier-f5558a folder from C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming and the app started working again.


Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!