Invoice Ninja V5 Zapier Recurring Invoices

I recently was forced to migrate to V5 due to V4 being deprecated in Zapier which has caused a lot of issues considering no notice was given. Everything was working great with V4 and Zapier but I have come across a few issues in V5.

The biggest issue I’m facing is related to creating a recurring invoice through Zapier. It seems that it is only creating the Recurring Invoice to Draft. There is an option that says “Mark Ready”. Below it says “Setting this to true creates the invoice as pending.” I have it set to true, however, it does not appear to be working. It creates the recurring invoice but it is still listed as Draft. Is there a way to fix this?

Second issue is Remaining Cycles. In Zapier on V4 I was able to set this to Endless. In V5 in Zapier, I have to input a number. If I put in “Endless” instead of a number, the result is 0. Any way to fix this? I guess I could just put in a really high number but would like the option of Endless if possible.

Lastly, Due Date through Zapier in V4 would reflect “Payment Terms”. Now when I create recurring invoice through Zapier, Due Date reflects “Day”. Maybe this is just a setting change? What exactly does “Day” mean as the due date? The due date on the recurring invoice should be the same date the invoice was created every month and emailed to customer.

This would have been a little easier for me to troubleshoot but since V4 was deprecated from Zapier with no notice, I am unable to even see the options that were selected as its just blank in Zapier so I had to recreate all the steps from memory.

We’ll look into the ‘mark ready’ issue.

You can set the number of remaining cycles to -1 for it to be endless.

You can set due date to ‘terms’ for it to use the client’s payment terms.

Thanks @hillel. Is there any update on Zapier marking the recurring invoice as ready rather than keeping it in draft?

Can you please send a sample data in/out from the Zapier logs?

Hi Hillel,
I think the issue of the recurring invoice being set to draft has been resolved. I believe it was related to the remaining cycles being set to zero but once I put in in -1, it appears to be setting the recurring invoice to Pending rather than Draft.

I still am having issues with the Due Date. In Zapier it only gives options of the 1-31 for the days of the month. I did set it on custom and put ‘terms’ per your suggestion and it did not work. The Due Date still reflects ‘Day’. I also tried custom setting it to ‘Payment Term’ and ‘Use Payment Terms’ and neither of those worked either. Any other suggestions on how to set the due date to the same day the recurring invoice is created?

I’m not sure why manually setting ‘terms’ didn’t work. We can look into adding it as a standard option but I’m not sure how it would change.

If you send a sample data in/out it may help.