Invoice Ninja V5 XAMPP Windows installation error

Hello, i am trying to install invoiceninja v5 on xampp on windows 10. I have all php extensions loaded.

when ever i try to go to or any folder like /public/setup after it says error 500 server error with a invoiceninja photo. I have no idea how to fix this as there is no documentation for windows only for linux. Any help please?

Let me know what you need to diagnose it.


Are there any details about the 500 error in storage/logs?

No i checked and could not find any.

If you see a 500 the details will always be logged somewhere. Since you can see the app I would assume it would be in storage/logs but it may be in the web server error logs.

I’m having the exact same issue on XAMPP / WinServer 2022.
Nothing in the apache logs, nothing in storage/logs.

Did you manage to get this working?

It may help to APP_DEBUG to true in the .env file so that errors are displayed to the screen.

You mean the file?
In that file APP_DEBUC is already set to true.
I don’t have a .env file
I have, .env.dusk.example, .env.example and .env.travis

Try copying .env.example to .env and then making sure it’s enabled.

You may also need to run php artisan optimize

OK we’re getting somewhere.
Changing env.example to env gave me a 404 error in stead of a 500. Then I manually navigated to /public which gave me a nicer looking 404 error, then I manually navigated to /public/setup and I got the setup wizard! When I fully completed the setup, I got back to the base folder (it’s localhost/finance for me) but it still gave me a 404. /finance/public also gives me a 404 and the /setup/ folder also no longer exists. Any idea what to do next?

If I try to navigate to:
It loads for a while and then redirects me to


If you see index.php in the URL it usually means mod_rewrite needs to be enabled.

I wouldn’t expect to see it in the URL twice, is the APP_URL correct in the .env file?

@david do you have any suggestions?

mod_rewrite is enabled on my server (I use it succesfully in several other locations)
AllowOverride is also on for the htdocs directory and DirectoryIndex has index.php amongst others.
The APP_URL is correct in the .env file.

I am able to access InvoiceNinja now by manually typing the full URL localhost/finance/public/index.php but going to localhost/finance, localhost/finance/ or localhost/finance/public/ gives a 404.

Not an expert with apache and .htaccess but this:

https://localhost/finance/public/index.php/finance/public/index.php 1

Looks like the rewrite rule is bugging out for some reason.

Note there are two .htaccess files, one in the root of the project and another under the public/ directory


Even i am facing the same issue.

I downloaded the latest version of invoiceninja extracted the zip file and copied it to a folder in xampp server.

Now if i try to access using localhost/invoicenija i am getting error.

I dont know how to fix or what should the the path be.

Could somebody help me.


Could you please share the installation guide.

Even i am trying to install invoice ninja on windows using xampp, and there are no documentation or whatsoever for the process and i am stuck in the same way as you.

Could you please guide me if you have solved the issue.

You copy all the contents from the to your htdocs folder (it doesn’t work in a subfolder unless you make a subdomain like

Then go to or localhost/public/setup

Note that you must have already set up a database and a MySQL user for InvoiceNinja to use.

Then run through the setup steps (self explanatory).

That’s all there is to it :+1:

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