Invoice Ninja v5 on Hosted with Panel


I have installed Invoice Ninja V5 on my hosted web service.
I was able to create a DB and do the first setup. I was also able to activate the cron job, i think it works cause I dont have a red icon on the bottom left.

What doesn’t work for me is the self update throught the icon bottom left that’s using Git.
The hosting services tells me that Git application is installed on the share server.

This is what I find in the laravel.log.
[2021-04-19 16:23:29] production.ERROR: Command 'git update-index -q --refresh ’ failed (exit-code 128). {“userId”:1,“exception”:"[object] (Cz\Git\GitException(code: 128): Command 'git update-index -q --refresh ’ failed (exit-code 128). at xxxxxxxxx/public_html/vendor/czproject/git-php/src/GitRepository.php:664)

I’m not sure what to do to fix this.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for reporting this!

@david any thoughts?

The body may have git, but they may not allow execution. I have changed the updater to move away from git, it will be available from 5.1.48

So your saying at version 5.1.48 it wont use git for self-update ?
That’s good.

Follow up question, lets say I dont want to delete everything and re-upload and setup the new version.
Is there a possibility to manually update to a newer version ?

Correct, no more git after 5.1.48

The only way to manually update would be to download the latest release and copy over the files.