Invoice Ninja V5 not sending automatically to new clients when order received

I am having an issue with Integromat sending new order information from WooCommerce. It creates the invoice and says it has sent the invoice but then the sending fails. Please see email, log error. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Does the client have a valid email address?

Hi Yes

These are 2 test clients which did not exist inn the client database. I am testing an Integromat Scenario that was done for me. I created a new gmail account and a new outlook account. Both email are in the correct format. So close to getting this working. It is great when used manually but I really need the automation or other solution to use with WooCommerce.

I assume the integration is creating the client in Invoice Ninja, if that’s the case does the client in Invoice Ninja have the email set correctly?

That I don’t know. I don’t understand Integromat. If you could tell me what the correct configuration should be I can pass it on to may developer. Please, he’s costing me fortune.

I’m suggesting you check in Invoice Ninja, not in Integromat. You can see the email on the contacts tab of the client preview panel.

I that where it puts a tick in contact blank?

It looks like the email isn’t being set causing the email to fail to send.

@david if the email is blank it’d be better not to send the email and have the request fail earlier

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