Invoice Ninja - V5 - Add User w/o Email

Evening folks.

Having setup a V4 environment for a previous work place a while back, testing out V5 at home, and wow what a difference.

Anyway setting up myself as a user / admin, I would like to add a test user. Unfortunately V5 wont allow me to create one with a user/pass but Name, Email only, is there a way to create a user without the email, or without having to dig into mysql, although needs must I suppose :slight_smile:

A separate question and and in no way needs a reply, but more of a curiosity for devs. Is there any plans to implement an inventory system for small business to invoice ninja? or adding certain fields to the Products page. Having the Invoice / Payments down to a T, along with Projects, just wondered if Invoice Ninja would ever go down that route.

Great work on InvoiceNinja btw :slight_smile:

Nevermind with this, ended up just heading into the users table along with php artisan tinker and bcrypt


We’re considering adding basic inventory tracking in the future.

You can add custom product fields in the settings.