Invoice Ninja v4 Strange Behaviour

We recently migrated our IN installation from one sub domain to another and all has been working fine apart from a few minor niggles including:

• A blank page occassionally displaying when a menu item is clicked
• We might also get a rendom piece of code like this when viewing pages or reports or invoices:

##parent-placeholder-***** RANDOM STRING HERE ***** ##

• Custoimers are occassionally presented with a black screen when viewing an invoice

Any thoughts…?

Here’s what the customer sees:

It’s not EVERY time though, that’s what’s odd.

you will want to inspect the browser console for more information.

Fair point, I did not consider that,

Here’s what I saw in the console on trying to open the dashboard:

And here’s what the console threw up when I hit CTRL+R:

When I went to the address bar and hit enter it worked but the console threw up this…

I then went into invoices and tried to open one to edit and got the “Oops, Something went wrong” message and saw this in the console:

I don’t recognize the “Extracting contacts…” message in the browser console, are you using any browser plugins?

Do you see any errors in the logs in storage/logs/

Also, which version of PHP are you using?

Well spotted. Strange, I have been using that plugin for years so I just removed it and the billing system is behaving better.

However, I did have to force a refresh on the dashboard a few times an dthis was in the console…

Those just look like warnings, I assume they can be ignored.

I would agree but the billing system is still throwing up blank pages now and then and that’s not acceptible when clients are trying to pay invoices.

To clarify, whey you say “blank pages” do you mean the PDF is gray as shown above or is the whole screen blank?

If the PDF is gray please check for any errors in the browser console when it happens, if the screen is white there may be more details in the web server error logs.

There’s so many issues I don’t know where to start really.

Here’s one that is happening a lot. I will click a link to view a page and I get the following:

Normally I ONLY gt the ##parent-placeholder- error but this time I got what you see in the image.

I hit CTRL+R 2 or 3 rimes and then the page displayed.

Are there any errors in the web server error logs?

Hi Hillel, nothing related to this no.

It does seem to have calmed down though and not happening as often.

I’ll awit until another customer or we have issues and get back to you with more details if that’s OK.

It also needs updating so I will do that to as it might help.

OK, just happened again:

And nothing in the logs.

Sorry I can’t provide more info.

Sorry, without logs it’s hard to help

I’m also unable to view or save pdf’s in IN selfhosted 4.5.42. How do i solve this?