Invoice Ninja Unable to Send Mail

I’ve just migrated Invoice Ninja back over to a dedicated server we have as it was getting painful and I’m getting the following error when I hover over the red triangle aside the “View in Portal” option:

connection could not be established with host

But the mail server settings are the same. I checked the ENV file and all appears to be OK.

Am I missing something perhaps…?

Try to telnet to your mail server from your new server. This should give you your answer

I’ve switched the driver from STMP to mail and I think that’s working now. Just testing…

This is odd.

OK, so I switched the driver and went to the primary company and looked at an invoice. Sure enough the red triangle is there and the error “connection could not be established with host…”.

But I was able to send a test and also an invoice and now the triangle has gone so I suppose it was just remembering that it used to have an issue.

All fixed now. So glad to be back on our own server.

Correct, the triangle will show the last error for the email address. When an email is successfully sent it will clear the error.

Glad to hear it’s working!