Invoice Ninja Selfhost Migration to New Server/Host

I’m considering doing this within the next month. Are these the appropriate steps to complete the migration with minimal issues?

  1. Backup Invoice Ninja directory in full via zip or tgz
  2. Complete Invoice Ninja SQL database dump/backup
  3. Update to the most recent version
  4. Repeat steps 1+2
    On New Server
  5. Recreate database and import the most recent database export/backup in
  6. Uncompress the Ninja backup into the new host/server
  7. Double check .env file to make sure settings are correct with new setup
  8. Set webroot to /public
  9. Access /update
  10. Contact Invoice Ninja to update WhiteLabel License

Assuming domain name will be the same just a new host does the above sound about right?

That looks good to me

Cool beans. Couldn’t be easier. Glad to know also my simple backup routine is sufficient to restore from.

Hi. Just began my migration.
I updated to latest, version Zip and transferred system to new server and then updated.
All was well but after successful login I get the whoops something went wrong page.

The only difference between this install and the old is that I am now using https.
Any ideas where I should start troubleshooting

Ok fixed it. I did not install dependancies.