Invoice Ninja Self hosted on

Has anyone managed to get invoice ninja running on a NGINX based web server.
I currently have it set up on a shared litespeed server using softaculous but am migrating to upcloud vps that is managed / configured via

I created web-app and configured ssl in runcloud, then I uploaded the manual install .zip from github Release v5.1.25-release

I changed the root directory to /public in /etc/nginx-rc/conf.d/web-app.d/main.cnf
Which gave me access to the setup, When I complete setup it kicks me back to the start of setup again.

The .env file in root has all the correct database data.
I am getting a 500 Server Error but when I check the NGINX error log nothing is showing up.

Any ideas on where I can find the issue?



There may be details about the 500 in the application error logs in storage/logs/

Thanks for that
I fixed this by enabling “proc_open” and “set_time_limit” in my PHP Config.