Invoice Ninja Logo is suddenly showing on PDFs

I’ve just noticed that my PDF invoices (as sent) are suddenly showing the Invoice Ninja logo just below the public notes(?). This is hosted v5.

Prevously I had set a customised invoice template (possibly the wrong term) to remove the logo. I do not insert my own logo anywhere.

Note that this applies even to very old invoices where I know the original didn’t have the logo. It looks as though it is regenerating the invoice PDF when required (fair enough) but without noticing the specifications I gave it in the first place.

I’d like to get rid of this. Is it something that happened during one the version refreshes? Is it a bug, a feature, or something I need to do to reset my carefully worked out template? Please advise.

Please note also that I’m struggling to find where I set the public notes (lost in the interfaces somewhere) AND I am probably going to struggle to find where / how I customised the invoice layout/ content to remove the default logo in the first place. Guidance on that would be helpful and perhaps some thought on making what I’d think of as base level settings/ customisations easier to find.

PS: I’ve also just noticed that at the bottom of the emails sending the invoice there is now “Created by Invoice Ninja | Create. Send. Get Paid.” When did that appear? Can I get rid of it? I’m sure it and the logo arepretty recent because my workflow aslways checks the look of the PDF before I send it and I would also have noticed a new footer on the emails.

Not sure I like that.

Update: It looks like the web app thinks I’m on a free plan but I have an invoice from you dated 26/10 (02-104740) saying I’ve paid for another year of Pro.

Update 2:
The support guys have now tracked down my payment and set me to a paid plan. It looks as though although I’d upgraded to v5 (Hosted) the billing profile was still on v4 (they’re now moving it over).

So I think its working again.

(Just one thought though: How does one’s billing profile get stuck on an earlier version? I had no idea if I was meant to do something or whether it turns out to be an update bug…)

Glad to hear it’s sorted now!

v4 and v5 are two completely separate apps, it’s a migration not an upgrade.