Invoice Ninja - Invaluable for Small Business Owners / Freelancers!


I wanted to post thus as a testimonial, but wasn’t sure where to put it. If you would like to move it somewhere different, please do and you may use this as you choose.

If I have not said this before, Invoice Ninja is one of, if not the best Invoicing Solution for Businesses of Any Size that I have used, and I have tried and paid for a number of other solutions before installing Ninja.however it is one of the most valuable assets for any Small Business or Freelancer, especially those new to Business Ownership. Invoice Ninja will project a sense of Professionalism and Elegance in Invoicing and Billing that will make a huge impression on your Clients.

It has become one of the most valuable resources and solution sets I have had the pleasure of using and it is one of the things that sets my Company apart from my Competitors. This is because when my Clients see the their Invoice, Quote, or the Client Portal, their is no question about my promise to keeping my Invoice and Billing completely Transparent, with no hidden or mystery charges and there is no doubt who the Invoice etc is from with the generous features set to create stunning Branded Custom Invoices and the Branded Clint Portal of which both are usually Premium options in the other Invoice Solutions.

As well, it has reduced my workload and allowed me to no longer have worry about sending out delinquent payment reminders, and actually has decreased substantially the number of outstanding bills, allowing me to get paid much quicker, and giving me the peace of mind knowing that I can spend my time focused on bringing in additional clients and creative new revenue streams!

I wanted to Thank Hillel Coren for this wonderful product and the dedication to continually maintain it, always adding new features ensuring that Invoice Ninja stays relevant to the times and our needs as the users! I also wanted to say Thank you for taking the time to do what most never do which is to consider those of us who’s Small Businesses may as well be called “Micro” Businesses and Freelancers, as we tend to have the smallest of Operational Budgets. By allowing use the option to use this software completely free of charge if we Self Host the Application on our own Web Servers and to give those who are on Shared Hosting Plans, many of whom are completely new and just getting into Business Ownership for the very first time! So often they are forgotten in the Business Operations World and left to fend for themselves as they truly do not have the money to pay for most of these other Services and with Invoice Ninja, they are actually given the opportunity to have one of the most Professional Invoicing and Payment Applications available with out being required to pay some outrageous license fees.

My Company Specializes in Small B2B Consulting for New Business Owners, and Providing Web Solutions / SEO for their Company’s Internet Persona. I can not even begin to tell you how many of my Clients, all brand new to Business Ownership, have felt left behind and completely taken advantage of by these larger pariah Companies who are just out to make a buck at the little guys expense… Some have left Business Ownership before they have even had a chance to shine because they felt as though they could never get ahead, every vendor knocking on their door with another couple hundred dollar bill just to do some of the most basic or functions as a Business Owner. But then I show them how they can setup and use Invoice Ninja and all the amazing this it can do with something as simple as creating a Free PayPal Account to Accept Credit Card Payments for the first time, and have a sleek and feature rich Invoicing and Billing Solution that with a little creativity, is actually the Swiss Army Knife of the Business! It provides some Amazing Features for offering all manor off Products and Services to your Customer Base
that go far beyond the simple Invoicing and Payment Collection. Of coarse I will leave that for others to figure out exactly what I am talking about. It simply takes and open and creative mind and everyone can have start opening the different tools and finding neat and creative ways to provide new ways of putting products and services in front of your customers and let Invoice Ninja do the work and bring in the money for you!

Again, Thank you Hillel Coren, you have literally revolutionized my Business by providing us with the Rolls Royce of Invoice and Payment Collection which has allowed me to expand my Company is ways I never thought possible, and you have given me a new Tool in my Toolbox which allows me to pay it forward and help the next Generation of New Small Business Owners to be successful and not fear starting a Business!

Cheers Mate!


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Wow… I’m speechless, thank you for these really kind words!

To clarify, I am part of a great team including my partners Shalom and David.

If you liked v1 wait till you see v2 :wink:

You are most welcome, and in that case, Thank you to the entire Invoice Ninja Team! I am not sure you have realized the way this Web App has transformed some many Businesses. The impact on my Business as well as others have been incredible and I understand what it is like to give give give, and get little back, not even a thank you. I have been lurking in this forum for a while, and while there is an occasional, thank you, the majority of posts are support related, and support can be a thankless necessity. So I wanted to insure that I gave you a proper thank you and to let you know how much this application has impacted my Business and every bit of it for the best.

I definitely can not wait until V2! If you happen to have a Cloud version and would like some assistance with QA, please let me know. I have had the good fortune to work in IT for many years, and one of my responsibilities early on was QA. More importantly, my specialty was Development Support, working directly wit a variety oh platforms and languages. My last position I was able to take what I learned in Development and apply that in my new role in Internet Systems Administration, installing and working on Web Application on Linux… What I enjoyed the most was working directly with our Software Developers and to be able to go from talking to the client who thought the DVD Tray was a Mug Holder, relaying his issue to the Developer at a highly technical manor, and then take what I learned from our Developers and be able to break that down in a way that Mr Mug Holder would be able to understand.

I would definitely love to offer my assistance as a way to give back to you guys for allowing myself and other Self Hosters the ability to install and use this Solution set absolutely free. I can only imagine how much effort has previously gone into developing this application, and to keep it going for us. Most of these applications which have Open Sources Licenses are either abandoned after a short run and are left to fade to black as the Engineering world evolves with out them, or they provide the Application free for other developers, but not for the end user. What you do is really cool.While you don’t charge to use the application for the most part, rather then charging for the application, you offer a Cloud version which you guys install and maintain on the users behalf for a fee, which ensures your server fees are covered which can get expensive (trust me I know! lol).

So enough out of me, however, I would like to know how we can submit Feature Requests so that they can be officially submitted for consideration? I also want to let you know when I finish my Blog Entry for Invoice Ninja on my Web Site.

Again, Thank you to the Entire Team! Keep up the great work!

Cheers, John

Thanks very much for the offer! We hope to release our first alpha build in about two weeks, I’m sure there will be many bugs to find…