Invoice Ninja General Questions

Hello everyone,

Just discovered Invoice Ninja today and really impressed by the quality work done here.
Few questions :

  • Once resigned from a plan. Any access to the account ? What happens to the data ?
  • Price for the self hosted version does not seems clear to me ? How much does it cost ?
  • Custom url is full domain or subdomain only ?
  • Does the products/vendors features have an inventory management ?

Last but not least:

  • Where can we help with French translation ?

Thanks for you replies.

Thanks for the kind words!

  • If you go back to the free plan all data is still accessible.
  • It’s free. You can optionally purchase a one year white label license for $20, or a license for the Softaculous installer for $30.
  • On our hosted platform you can set a custom subdomain, you can use your full URL by including our app within an iFrame on your site (or self hosting the app).
  • Sorry, no.
  • Translations can be updated here:

Hello Hillel Coren,

You’re welcome.
Thanks for your support.

  • Great !
  • Great also !
  • Interesting !
  • Whoops, well, I hope there’s a plan for adding a simple one…
  • Okay, from time to time I will go there to add my French Touch…

I definitely keeping an eye on this app.

This forum is pretty neat ! What a pleasure to see my topic as a big title with a cool background image.
A customized bbPress theme ?

To You and all the team, keep on doing that great work !
Best regards.
…aka Thierry C