Invoice Ninja Client Portal Theme - Hire this guy

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a contact for experienced coder - I’ve used his skill for creating a theme for client portal. He is amazing. Works through Upwork.

Screenshot of final result:


Looks fine, but I don’t see anything useful here. How is that better than the current view?

For most people, InvoiceNinja is a tool. I care how good, easy and fast a tools works, not what color it has.

Lol, I’m not here to argue if color of your client portal is important for your brand identity :rofl:

It’s always nice to get a recommendation and reward good work, thanks. Would you mind saying how many hours did they needed to get it done, and what exactly did they deliver?

It took about 15hrs in my case (I had a couple of specific items to adjust that took longer) going from standard look to the polished design that matched the company website. Seamless experience and all that. Things like login page (thanks to Ninja Team for making it possible in the first place), tables, buttons, dialog windows, etc.
As deliverables, you get CSS and/or JS code. Copy it in respective fields in the Settings > Client portal > Customize, hit save and voilà!

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