Invoice Ninja Client Portal Payment Script Trigger ... Clarification Needed

Hello I am trying to render a Pay button in my client portal once a invoice is sent to a client. The Pay button does not render in, only the download button even though the invoice is unpaid and has a balance due. I do not get any obvious errors in the PHP storage logs.

NOTE: first screenshot is a payment gateway(paytrace) that is working. Second Screen is my custom gateway I am trying to implement which is not running the payment script with renders the pay button shown in picture 2.

I am trying to understand what triggers the js/clients/invoices/payments.js script file.
Second picture attached is the App.Blade that runs which renders the Download and Pay button, but the payment.js script is not run when I try another gateway.

Second picture is the app.blade file that runs when we first load the client portal, but in the script I do not see where the payment script file is coming from. I just need some clarification understanding where the Pay button script is located or being rendered in… Thank you!

Adding Custom cybersource … no pay button rendering because payments.js script not triggering to run on render.


Have you added a gateway in the app on Settings > Payment Settings > Configure Gateways?

Yes I have added CyberSource which I created and include all credentials. I also made sure CyberSource was set to 1 in the database to show in the drobox as well as link the correct credentials. Once I created the payment gateway I created a user as well as a invoice and sent a email with a link that opened the client portal to pay, but there is no pay button. Would incorrect credentials make the pay button not appear maybe?

@david do you have any suggestions?

Do you know where I can locate the code that calls the js/clients/invoices/payments.js script file on the client portal initial render?