Invoice ninja app is down

connecting from France to is getting me a timeout error.
Quite critical, considering it’s business time !
What’s happening ?


Yup. Looks like it’s now been down for almost 30 min.
And looks like it’s just effecting v4.
I thought we had until Oct to migrate to v5.
And it looks like no way to contact support unless you do that from within the app, but you can’t do that because the app isn’t working. :frowning:

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Me too! It is down the v4.

Same here. Accessing from Canada.

Also down from South Africa, cant log into v4.

Seeing issues with self-hosted v4 - specifically at login. There’s a failed connection to at login, which takes a while to time out currently, understandably. This delays logins by ~30s (or a given sane timeout).

Not entirely sure whether this is the case across the board, or specifically because I’m white-labeling. I could understand phoning home to confirm ‘license’ to white-label, though a synchronous task to do this at login feels like bad design.

I’ve worked around the issue with an iptables REJECT - at least this way failures happen quickly and login isn’t delayed. I’ve only found in Constants.php, Services/Migration/AuthService.php and Services/Migration/CompleteService.php - none of which appear to apply, though I wonder if Constants.php isn’t used for white-label checks somewhere along the line

Error at login follows below (redacted) in case anyone’s interested :stuck_out_tongue:

[2021-09-27 15:38:14] production.ERROR: CURL Error #28: Failed to connect to port 443: Operation timed out  {"context":"PHP","user_id":[REDACTED],"account_id":[REDACTED],"user_name":"[REDACTED]","method":"GET","user_agent":"[REDACTED]","locale":"en","ip":"[REDACTED]","count":1,"is_console":"no","is_api":"no","db_server":"[REDACTED]","url":"[REDACTED]"} []

I am also experiencing this issue. I also tried with the Mobile App and got a timeout error there as well. The V5 site appears to be working, but if the account hasn’t been migrated yet the V5 site is empty.

Trying to access from Ireland and just timing out.

For those self-hosting and seeing login speed issues, looks like there’s a hard dependency for update/news checks here.

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Down as well. V4 not responding via web.

I’m using it in the United States. We are also down. Invoice Ninja what’s up?? We rely on this app!

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It seems to me like the server is unavailable for some reason. Benjamin has advised us on Slack that they are aware of issues, and are working on resolving it as soon as possible.

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This is the first time since 3yrs of use. I’m very satisfied with their service. Makes me think… Is there a way to backup the data of our accounts? Makes me nervous thinking about major cloud service issue and loosing all our business data.

When the service is back up, you can export basically all of your data in the universal .CSV format. Or JSON format which is more specific to InvoiceNinja itself.

Thanks! will put this task on my schedule.

@snaptowen, I appreciate it greatly that you highlighted what was causing the issue. We have commented out that code on the platform and are now back up and running! Will remove commenting later on in the week.

(For others reading this, comment out code at your own risk. I do not recommend doing this unless you really know what your doing.)


Any updates on will this will be back up and running? still timing out


@snaptowen , Missed what you said for putting a reject rule. Added it and can confirm it works. Putting a REJECT rule on a firewall is a more elegant workaround than editing the code.

V4 Login page times out for us too. We’re in Oregon, USA. Sep 27, 2021 11:54AM. still down, trying from Chicago, IL. Does ninja staff monitor this forum?