Invoice items sum wrong

Hi there,
I recently set up a self-hosted ninja v4.5.18 for a german company. for the invoices, I’m using the “clean” layout. We add tax (19% currently).
Besides the fact that I didn’t modify the template itself (only added some fields from the dropdown), the invoice is showing wrong values (sorry if the field names are not correct, I’m using ninja in german so I don’t know the english field names):

The unit price (Einzelpreis) is defined as - for example - 10€ (net), the invoice then is listing 10€ for the unit price and 11,19€ (with tax included) as the item subtotal, then as overall subtotal 10€ again (correctly without tax), adding tax and then the grand total of 11,19€.

I don’t have a clue, why the item subtotal is printed with tax, which is extremely irritating if the invoice is basically written without tax.

How can I fix this? I already looked at the customize_design function but it doesn’t seem to be modifyable there.

wow, that’s a bit embarrassing now… colleague found the reason for this while I was writing this. Disabled the “Display taxes for document items in total” setting in the tax_rates settings and now it’s like expected.
sorry for waking you up :slight_smile: