Invoice in USD > Payment made in USD but converted to GBP > How to input this and have a transaction linked?


Invoice a client in USD, they paid my GBP bank account in USD which was converted to GBP. I can do the payment and select convert currency, but when I try to add a GBP transaction I cannot link it to the payment, presumably because the payment is in USD? How can I add a transaction for this payment/invoice please?

It seems this is a web version issue, the Windows desktop app lets me link transactions in GBP to payments in USD>GBP.


This was a recent change, which versions do you see in the about dialog for the web and desktop apps?


Desktop app: v5.7.11-W141
Web: v5.7.11-C124

Thanks, it may help to update to the latest version of the backend app.

Thanks but it is a Softaculous/cPanel hosted install so I need to wait for my web host to update their installer.

Host has updated to v5.7.48-C139 but still I cannot link a GBP transaction to a USD>GBP payment through the web, still need to use the desktop. Is there a later version available that has fixed this?

The latest backend release is v5.7.52, I believe it should include the change.