Invoice import fails for no apparent reason.

I have trying to import 1032 invoices from Freshbooks in CSV …and 674 of them always fail with a “duplicate or missing data” error.

However, I purge the account each time so I know there are no duplicates, and have hand combed the CSV over and over and there are no errors, weird characters of ANYTHING I can find that would cause the failing ones to fail.

I a happy to post the file or some of the data here for anyone to look at as I am an intelligent methodical programmer with a lot of experience in far more complex SQL trouble shooting …but this is driving me crazy, and not having those invoices in the system is killing my migration plan.

Has anyone else had similar issue?

Do the clients for the invoices exist in the app?

This is a good point …one has a changed name since the invoices were issued and paid …so this could be that …the others I will need to check …I did do a client clean up before the export. …thank you. Will let you know.