Invoice for Tasks - Change Description & invoice flow

Hello… We have been trialing Invoice Ninja for our IT consulting business. So far looks great. Couple questions. We have been using the time tracking for consulting hours. When we bring those tasks into an invoice we do not want the start and end dates/times in the description. We only want the date in there. I looked into the format and I do not see a way to change that. We can edit each line to remove that info per line but that is tedious.

Also, in quickbooks we would often include a section for tasks and then have product items in there as well on one invoice. Does IJ only allow service invoices for tasks and then we would need to have a separate invoice for any product related items essentially having (2) invoices going to a customer? For instance, we have a job with 5 computers, a switch and a server with 10 hours consulting. Based on what I am seeing this would result in a service invoice as well as a product invoice. Is this correct? It is not a huge deal. We just need to change work flow a little bit.

Any ideas?

Sorry, it isn’t supported. You’d need to manually edit the item details.

The app supports invoices which combine tasks and products.