Invoice expense


In previous versions I was able to create a new invoice and select both tasks and expenses to be added to the invoice but now I can’t. I think since I upgraded to v5.5. Now I’m on v5.5.104-W114.


You can use the plus icon in the lower right corner of the invoice edit page to add task and/or expenses to the current invoice. You can also use the add to invoice action for tasks and/or expenses.

when creating new invoice for a client the plus icon allows me to add tasks but not allowing to add expense. In previous versions I was able to add both expenses and tasks for client that screen.

I see the expense in the screenshot above, what happens when you try to add it?

there’s no checkbox to select the expenses. Also when I click “Invoice Expense” it adds it to a new invoice but it just replaces the expense in the invoice for each expense I click that. and “Add to Invoice” lists only saved invoices.

Thanks for the screenshot! There’s a bug preventing the checkbox from being shown, we’ll make sure it’s corrected. Note: you should be able to click the row to add one expense at a time.

that works for now, Thank you for your help