Invoice Emails with PDFs attached

Hey there,

i am trying to send out Invoice Emails with PDF documents attached. Somehow the following settings are not working:

“Open Advanced Settings > Email Settings. Check the box next to Attach PDFs. From now on, every invoice email you send will have a PDF version of the invoice attached to it. Voila!”

The checkbox is checked and still no PDFs attached.

Has anyone an idea why?

Thanks, Conrad


Are you using or are you self hosting the app?

Hey :slight_smile:

i use

How are you testing, have you tried sending yourself a test invoice?

Also, which design and language are you using?

I use the simple layout (default) and german language. Yes i have send a couple of test mails to me, but no matter what - always without attachment

To try to debug the problem it may help to change the design or language, I also suggest trying to remove your logo.

We’re working on a new version for later in the year which will use a more reliable PDF engine.