invoice email not sending

HI I am new and using the website and have created a company account etc and tried multiple times to send out a test email/invoice using my own email address and dummy invoice however it is not working. The website states the email/invoice has been sent but after multiple attempts at sending the initial invoice and reminders nothing appears to be coming through.
I have checked spam accounts etc on both my email and the company email but nothing.Whilst this all looked simple enough I can not work out what is going wrong.

The payment emails are working fine on several test accounts trying to work out why the invoice wont send. Any help appreciated please.

Have you run the config:cache command?

To explain… if you’ve run the command it will prevent emails from being sent. If that’s the case you can fix it by running the config:clear Artisan command.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and help. I received an email saying the system was slow which may have explained my issues :slight_smile: