Invoice discount in reports?

I’m looking for a way to get the invoice discount displayed in the reports. Here’s my problem :

  • On some invoices I apply a discount, let’s say 10%
  • At some point of the year I use a report to list which product or service has been sold, and what income it generated. So I create a report by products, import it in some excell-like software and sort by product type, etc… The problem is that it does not reflect the true income because invoices’ discount are not listed.:disappointed:
  • So I try to report a list of invoices with their discount to add the info in the excell-like software, but discounts are not listed in the invoices’ columns. I’m stuck. :cry:

Why are discounts not shown in the invoices’ columns in reports ? That makes a huge difference in cost/incomes/commercial analysis. I checked the “amount” column is including the discount, but is there no way to check in a report if a discount has been applied to an invoice ?

I might be mistaken and might not came with the good way of analyzing this, am I ?

It seems like an important feature to me.

Thank you for any help.


This has been added in the new version of the app.

That’s great! Thankyou !