Invoice design cache

Where does the custom designs list come from?
I deleted a design in the designs SQL table. But it’s still listed under custom invoice designs.
I can’t delete it from here since it reports an error it can’t find the item in the SQL table “designs”.


We don’t recommend making manual changes to the database, if there a reason you aren’t using the app to create the design?

I wasn’t smart enough to discover I was looking at a list. I thought my design broke the system since I only saw the design’s name, and all buttons were gone.

The first time you click “configure design”, you get the design edit page. But the second time, you arrive at the list.

So to “debug” the system, I deleted the “corrupted” design from the database.

So I thought I was looking at a title with nothing below, instead of a list.

Thanks for the update, glad to hear it’s sorted.

Well, that’s the root cause, I’m still searching for a way to get the item out of the list? I don’t understand where it gets the list from, since the item is removed from the design table.

if you run

php artisan ninja:design-update

the designs “should” rebuild back into the database.

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