Invoice date and time?

Is there any way I could have the date and time when the invoice was issued? Now I only see the option of having the date. I’m using self hosted version

We don’t display it in the app but there is a created_at field in the database.

If your invoice numbers don’t have to follow a specific format, you could use something like {$date:Y-m-d-His} in the invoice number pattern. That would make the 4 digit year, the month, the day, and the time (hours, minutes, and seconds) part of the invoice number. For example 2018-03-24-131825. And if you didn’t want it down to seconds, you can just use Hi instead of His

Doesn’t put the time in the Date column for the invoice list, but it at least gives you the info at a glance.

Actually the numbers must have a specific format. I have just created custom Time field and will manually enter the value.

I just noticed one other thing - when I click on a link to preview an invoice as a customer or if I click on an invoice in the right panel it throws an error because the link doesn’t contain the whole domain. For example my domain is xxx.yyy.zzz but the invoice link leads to xxx.yyy/ninja/public/invoices/1 and the preview link leads to xxx.yyy/ninja/public/view/…
4.2.2 self hosted.

Please check the APP_URL value is correct in the .env file.

Note: we recommend setting up the app without /public in the URL.