Invoice Dashboard Customization

Hello all, one favor somebody know how can I add more fields/filters at the invoice dashboard actually show:


But I need to add PO # and Contact name
The purpose of this is know if I sent an Invoice for specific PO # or if I have a duplicated invoices
I have one client with more 100 contacts name and each one manage their own PO and Invoices

Somebody have some good recommendation how can i reach my goal?

Here’s the relevant file:

Thank you SIr for your feedback, what I have to do with this file where I need to paste this code?

Thank you in advanced

Sorry, I think you’ll need to hire a developer to help

Good day Sir, can you give some direction ? I found the file into my filemanager what I have to do to activate the fields or just replace the file?

I hope that you can give me one advice.

Thank you in advance

Sorry, if you’d like to hire a developer we recommend this company:

all your software was made it using bootstrap? I´d like to start to learn bootstrap becasue Im not in the possition to pay at this moment extra money, I prefer to learn and do by myself, just if you can share with me some direction please, how can I start to reach my goal and add these fields could be a big help for me

I’ve shared the file you need to change, that’s all the direction I’m able to provide

Thank you Sir, really I apprecite it

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Last question if I need to modify this dashboard ( please see the attachment) what is the file that i should to modify?