Invoice customization

I’d like to customize fully the invoice. I offer services and not products.

I’d like my invoice not to write: Item-Description-Unit cost-Quantity etc… but some other characteristic sections.

Like, Channel - Res. ID - Period - Overnight stay etc.

Is it customizable?

Thank you in advance.

You can relabel the fields on Settings > Invoice Design > Invoice Labels.

When I go to Settings (Advanced Settings) > Invoice Design > I don’t see ‘Invoice Labels’ anywhere. I see a list of headings on the right, and they don’t offer a place to change the labels. (The headings I see are General Settings, Client Details, Company Details, Company Address, etc.)

I’m also trying to change the names of the labels. Specifically ‘Description’. For example, under the Task section, I’d like to change ‘Description’ to ‘Activity’.

I appreciate any guidance on how to do that. Thanks.

This issue is for v4 but I assume you’re using v5.

In v5 custom labels can be defined on Settings > Localization.