Invoice customization error

I am unable to customize invoice. I go to invoice design and select customization, then includes. I make the css changes to my liking then try to save. I get this error:

422: Unprocessable Content • The given data was invalid.

• The name field is required.

I’m using V5.7 self-hosted with xampp.


It looks like you need to provide a name for the design.

Not sure how to provide a name for the design?

There should be a name field, are you able to post a screenshot?

You may want to try with the desktop app.

Sorry, I didn’t see the name field to assign to changes.
Once I gave it a name the changes went thru.
Thanks for working with me on Christmas … Hillel.

Glad to hear it, thanks for the update!

I had one more question: does the desktop app store data on my pc?

If the “Cache data” feature is enabled on Settings > Device Settings then a copy of your data is cached locally, otherwise the data is kept in memory.

Is there a limit to the number of clients on the free version?

No, there isn’t a client limit.

I guess there is no way to change the download name of the invoice?
It would be nice to have the JS - showDirectoryPicker().
That way you could direct the download folder and have a chance to rename the file.

Hillel - am I suppose to be creating a new topic each time I reach out?

In the latest version of the desktop app we added a “Downloads folder” setting on Settings > Device Settings.

Yes, it’s usually best to create separate posts for each issue.

I’m using V5.7.63-C146 Self-Hosted.
I don’t think I have that setting?

The option is available in the desktop app not the web app.

I open another topic and sent to David with no response.
So I’m back to you.

Is it safe to run Invoiceninja with Xampp as localhost only.
I just need an Invoicing generator and the ability to run an annual invoice report for taxes.
I will only be using my personal computer.
I do not need to access the database on the web in other locations.
I will not be using my phone to connect to the database.
I will not be using the email function, I will be using Thunderbird for emailing.
If so, is there any security settings I need to change?.

I believe that should be fine.


I’m using V5.7.63, and would like to update to the current version.
Is there an auto update?


I noticed when i hit the “About” button at the bottom there is an option to Force Update.
Will that work to upgrade to the latest version?

Since you’re running an older version there should be an update option. If there are any problems you can manually update by copying over the latest release ZIP.


How do you copy over the latest release zip?