Invoice Custom Title Field

Is there any way at all to add in a custom field for a Title on the invoice?
Basically a separate field that can be up top somewhere to give the invoice a unique title.

I am on the Hosted plan.


You can accomplish this using the customize design page:

For example, with the clean design you can try changing $entityTypeUC to $customTextValue1.

Note: to use this you’d also need to specify a custom invoice field:

GREAT! That works!
Thank you!!

Is there a way to also keep the entityTypeUC?
can I make another spot for that? maybe in that same area on the invoice, but flush against the right side?


I found another spot for the entityType.
In the Clean Template, there was an empty text field next to the Client Details, so i put it in there.
I styled it to align right. Increased the font size, made it bold and now it looks nice! woooo!

Thanks again for this awesome App!!!

Great to hear!