Invoice clean template issues


After migrating from v4 to v5 I have two problems when creating invoices and generating the invoice PDF.

  1. the footer is not at the bottom of A4 paper anymore. It comes directly under the invoice details and looks not professional anymore. → how can we really get the footer at the bottom of the invoice page?

  2. I’m missing the custom labels name on the invoice. I need to add IBAN , BIC and BTW (belgian for TAX) labels when using custom invoice fields.

Please help


  1. @ben is the fix for this live?

  2. It’s possible to add the labels using a custom design. @david @ben this seems to be a very common request, I think we should try to work on a simpler solution.

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I don’t get further than the code below. Where exactly can I add the Labels Hillel?

2021-11-05 20_48_46-Invoice Ninja

You’ll need to replace the field stack (ie, company-details) with the individual fields/labels you want shown.

Ok, Thank you Hillil!

For now I fixed it the difficult way though I’m happy I now understand the coding part. :slight_smile:

I ended up with:

[data-ref=""] { 
    color: var(--primary-color);
    font-weight: bold;

    <p data-ref="">$</p>
    <p data-ref="company_details-company.vat_number">BTW nummer: $company.vat_number</p>
    <p data-ref="">e-mail: $</p>
    <p data-ref="">telefoon: $</p>
    <p data-ref="company_details-company.custom1">IBAN: $company.custom1</p>
    <p data-ref="company_details-company.custom2">BIC: $company.custom2</p>
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Another question:

When creating an invoice from the task menu it doesn’t add the project name to the invoice details anymore. Is it possible to add it again?

2021-11-07 18_15_24-Untitled-1 @ 100% (Layer 1, RGB_8#) _

If you invoice the project, rather than the task, the name is added.

In the next release we plan to support showing the name by invoicing the task.

Correct! It works…

Are the hasthags intended to be there?

Can you check that markdown is enabled on Settings > Account Management.

Yes it is because the Project name already uses the markdown. It looks like you can only use it once. .(e.g. when you create an invoice from the running projects ## → title ### → consumed time )

This should be by default (total allignment right in the headers)

[data-ref="product_table-product.line_total-th"] { 
    text-align: right;
   padding-right: 1.5rem;

[data-ref="task_table-task.line_total-th"] { 
    text-align: right;
   padding-right: 1.5rem;

@ben any thoughts on the markdown issue?

I cannot replicate this on my local issue. Can you replicate the same issue on demo (

Hi @ben It can be reproduced in the demo environment. Most important is that it works so we can add CSS layout onto the title and task time block.

2021-11-10 07_43_12-Invoice Ninja

Thanks for reporting :+1: