Invoice charges and tax

As instructed here:

I have created an invoice charge which is entered manually. I have unchecked the Charge tax button since I don’t want the tax percentage to take that charge into account.

However, it doesn’t make any difference whether I leave the option checked or unchecked. The only difference is the invoice charge appears below or above the tax setting, but the tax is ALWAYS calculated based on the subtotal + the invoice charge.

So, for instance:
a subtotal of 100 €
an invoice charge of -15€

A tax of 21% SHOULD BE 21 € but instead it says 17,85 €

The tax is always 17,85€ and the invoice total is always 102,85 €, no matter if I check or uncheck the Charge tax button.

Is this a bug??

Can you check that you’re testing with a new invoice.

We store the settings with the invoice to prevent changing settings affecting previously created invoices.

Thank you! You made my day, I was about to jump out the window :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear it worked!