Invoice and then tasks?

I’m wondering how other folks handle this.

I sent a client an invoice and they paid 50% upfront.

Now I’ve finished the project and have a bunch of tasks from it.

I want the client to pay the other 50% of the invoice I already sent. But what do I do with the tasks? Normally I just convert them to an invoice, but if I do that here, my books will be off by some.

Should I just archive the Tasks and re-send the invoice?

You can manually add each task to an open invoice by setting the task’s client and then clicking ‘More actions’ on the edit task page.

I know I can add the tasks to an invoice. But I’m looking for advice on how to keep track of those tasks’ hours, but not invoice for them.

The client paid a flat rate for the project (which is in the original invoice). I wanted to keep track of my hours (for my own use), so I logged tasks and ran the timers.

If I don’t invoice/archive those tasks, they just sit there forever and I feel that’s untidy.

Should I just archive them?

Yes, I think so.