Invoice amount in emails


When i send emails to the customers with the invoices i use the $amount variable.
The problem is that if the invoice is paid, this variable is 0.
I think this variable holds the due amount and not the actual invoice amount.
Is there another variable that i can use for the actual invoice amount ?

thank you

The $amount variable is either the partial amount or the invoice balance.

We’ll look into adding $total and $balance variables in our next release.

Great !!!

Thank you

any update on payment variables?

so far is:

Company Variables $account $emailSignature

Client Variables

Invoice Variables

Navigation Variables

i need partial amount and custom field variables.

thank you

$total and $balance were added in v3.4

  • $amount will show the partial value if it’s set
  • Which custom fields are you using?

I installed via softaculous and softaculous has not got the latest (3.4) it is still 3.3.3

To update manually, is it only by downloading the source and then overwrite what I have in the filmanager then access the clear cache page?

Or is there any other more tutorial then

thank you

3.4 will be available through Softaculous in a few days.

That’s correct…

I successfully upgraded to 3.4.1 by overwriting the files.
The issue is if I access sub.domain.tld it gives me index of/ page
But when I access sub.domain.tld/public it takes me to the login page

What do i need to do to have normal access?
.htaccess file changes?

I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer.