Invisible clients on Self hosted Site

I have a development site i am using. Which i have purged today. and spent the last 3 hours trying to fihure out why i can’t upload 24 of the 153 clients from my database.

I have purged the site and then tryed to download and gota “0” return as expected. I then uploaded the first Single client.
However i get a http result back. for the first client.
I check via webhost and “0” show up. I then used postman to check with GET, And i got a result back saying it did upload, giving me the details of the Client but it is still not visible under all three options archived, deleted and active.

Any answers?

So Further attempt to Dianogise the issue i have Found all the records are uploading. and checking through postman found that all the clients are missing Contacts, and is the same clients each time so Guessing it is my data.